PSP & Wholesale ISOs


BRanded GAteWAY 

Finix's RESTful API is meticulously designed to match your customers most complex payment challenges. Our fully-brandable, cloud-hosted solution allows you to offer a payment gateway on par with any of the developer-friendly APIs from Silicon Valley. Whether you're supporting marketplaces, payment facilitators, SaaS platforms, or ISVs, our gateway allows your end-users to begin processing in minutes. 

Back-Office Toolkits

Managing a portfolio of sub-merchants is no easy task. With Finix's suite of portfolio management tools and portals (e.g. automated dispute management, centralized statementing, risk management, etc), you can greatly reduce your operational burden.




Do away with bulky applications and paper contracts. Our onboarding and underwriting API streamlines and automates merchant onboarding. With just a few data inputs, you can now provision merchant accounts in seconds and efficiently manage the process with our out-of-the-box dashboards.