Finix Payments (“Finix”)

Data Protection & Privacy Policy

September 11, 2017


1.  Overview: Finix provides tools and services to platforms to integrate payments flows for faster, more secure, reliable, and centralized management of payments infrastructure (“Services”). Finix collects information from both partners and end-users for purpose of providing and improving the Services.

This policy outlines what customer information Finix collects during the normal course of business, how Finix uses this data, and the steps taken to protect and secure it.

2.  Changes: From time to time, this policy may be updated with notice provided to you via the changing date above. By continuing to use the Services after such notice has been provided, you affirmatively agree to this updated Data Protection & Privacy Policy.

The most up-to-date version of this policy will be available at:

Or upon written request to

3.  Information Collection: This section outlines the specific types of information Finix collects and stores.

4.  Platforms: To underwrite and provision integrations for platform partners, Finix collects the following information:

1.  For the Business:

  • Business Name
  • DBA
  • Business Type
  • Tax ID
  • Business URL
  • Business Phone number
  • Date of Incorporation
  • Business Address
  • Business Support Email address
  • Third-party data (including Bank Account information)
  • Annual Volume
  • Max Transaction amount

2.  For the Business Principal:

  • Full First and Last Name
  • Title
  • Percentage Ownership
  • Tax ID
  • Date of Birth
  • Phone
  • Email Address
  • Personal Address
  • User Name and Password
  • Any additional information you decide to share with us

5.  End-Users

1.  Buyers: to facilitate purchases for buyers, Finix may collect

  • First name and last name
  • Phone
  • Email
  • Street address
  • Payment instrument information
  • Transaction information

2.  Merchants: to allow merchants/submerchants to sell, Finix may collect the same business and business principal information as listed above for Platforms.

6.  No information from children Finix Services are not intended for children under the age of 18. We do not knowingly collect information from children under 13.

 7.  Transactions and Service Interactions: To assist in securing, troubleshooting, maintaining, and improving the Services, Finix will also collect:

a.  Logs: including information on your usage of the Services including pages visited in-app or on the Finix website, average time spent in app, IP address, in-app actions or transactions made, etc.

b.  Device information: information on the device(s) you and your end-users use to interact with our service. This includes but is not limited to device identifier, application/API version, operating system, browser, language and time settings.

c.  Location information and IP address: We collect location information from your device so that we can help prevent fraud, provide you with more transaction information, and better personalize the Services to you.

d.  Cookies/Tracking: Finix may also use tracking technology including cookies and device identifiers to improve your experience, enhance our security, and track usage across Finix Services. If you choose to reject these technologies some functionality in our Services may not be available. By visiting our site or using our Services you consent to us placing cookies or beacons in your browser and HTML-based emails in accordance with this policy.

8.  Security: You are responsible for managing the security of your company’s access tokens including usernames, passwords, ssh keys, and not distributing, storing, or transmitting sensitive data (e.g. card holder information or PII) outside of Finix’s clearly designated systems.

9.  Who Finix may disclose information to: Finix may share any information we collect about you and any other current or former customers with third-parties as follows:

a.  With other users you have specifically referred to us, limited to what you have permitted to share in the course of your referral.

b.  With the financial service providers we and you work with, including the institutions identified in your processing agreements and the third-parties mentioned above.

c.  With non-financial companies that provide tools, support, audits, or otherwise help to enhance or maintain the Finix Service (including but not limited to email companies, fraud prevention companies, credit bureaus, identity services, properly vetted information storage companies, and properly vetted information security companies).

d. To any other third-party needed to provide our Services (as described in the section below) or at your direction and with your consent particularly if we request such information from you after informing you of who your information would be shared with, how that specific information would be shared, and why we need to share it.

10.  Third-Parties: Finix may also collect and share information with some third-parties so that we can continue to provide and improve our Services. This encompasses all trusted third-parties integral to the operation of the Finix Service and illustratively includes:

a. Analytics Services: We may work with third-parties for analytics services. These parties may use tracking technology (as mentioned above) or system information to collect data about your use of the Services or provide insight to the current state of our systems. This information may be used by us and others to maintain and improve our services.

b. Anonymized/Aggregated Information: Finix may share or exchange anonymized or aggregated information that cannot be used to identify you or your customers with third-parties for research, marketing and promotional purposes. These third-parties may publicly release the findings of their research or analysis including this information. These third-parties may include, but are not limited to: organizations that research consumer spending, organizations that research credit card use.

c. Financial Service Providers: To process your financial transactions, we will share information with the specified financial service partners. You acknowledge and agree that information we share with them will be treated in accordance with their Privacy Policy.

d. Other Third-Party Services: When you signup or integrate Finix Services we may verify the information we collect from you with identity service providers or other third-party verification services to review your account and tailor your on-boarding process. You acknowledge and agree that any information collected and used for this process will be treated in accordance with the third-party’s Privacy Policy.

11.  Law Enforcement Disclosures: Finix may also disclose your information to relevant law enforcement or third-parties such as auditors or investigators if Finix:

a.  is required by any applicable law (e.g. pursuant to a warrant or court order).

b.  believes it is appropriate to investigate fraud or any other violation of safety or property against us or others.

c.  needs to investigate any violations of our agreements or policies.

12.  Why Finix collects this information: Finix collects this information to use for the following reasons:

a.  To process your transactions, respond to court orders and legal investigations.

b.  To provide you support, respond to your questions and comments, and offer customer service.

c.  To send you notices and updates.

d.  To prevent fraud, illegal or prohibited activities, and security breaches.

e.  To investigate fraud, security issues, and suspect activities.

f.  To verify your identity and enforce our terms and any other agreements between you and us.

g.  To improve and maintain our Services.

h.  To share new products, offers, promotions, or other information we think you might be interested in.

i.  To personalize the Services as well.

j.  To monitor and analyze usage and activities in or related to our Services.

k.  To comply with any applicable laws or legal processes.

i.  For any other reason provided to you in connection with our Services.

13.  Assignment: If Finix or any part of Finix is acquired or undergoes a merger, consolidation, liquidation, or other significant change of control or transfer of assets, Finix may transfer, sell, or assign the information Finix collects, stores, or uses under this Policy to third-parties. This transfer would include, without limitation, any information that you provide.

 14.  Contact Finix: If you have any questions please contact us at