Enterprise Marketplaces

Developer-friendly payment service providers are prohibitively expensive at scale and legacy payment gateways are rigid and unidirectional in nature, forcing enterprise marketplaces and platforms to invest heavily into developing their own proprietary solutions. On average this costly effort can take anywhere between 12 to 18 months to develop in-house. Finix offers the cost efficiency of a traditional gateway with the ease of use of any of Silicon Valley's developer-friendly APIs. Plus Finix's suite of value-added services provides everything to give you the full control that your marketplaces requires. From onboarding, underwriting, vaulting, reporting, chargeback management, reconciliation, and funding we've got you covered. Spend time building your business, not your payments stack. 



Onboard your merchants with ease utilizing Finix's real-time, rule-based underwriting APIs. With just a few data inputs, provision merchant accounts in seconds. Finix works closely with your risk team to codify your unique underwriting policies to streamline onboarding, automate compliance checks (e.g. KYC, OFAC, MATCH), and ultimately reduce manual data entry. 


Finix's RESTful API is meticulously designed to match the unique everyday challenges that marketplaces face. With a multi-tiered hierarchy, you can begin seamless processing on behalf of your sub-merchants without having to worry about cumbersome accounting and reconciliation.  We understand that enterprise clients require processor redundancy and unique optimizations to meet their needs, that's why our API's processor-agnostic design allows you to integrate to any acquirer. 


Back-Office Support Tools

Finix's turn-key marketplace solution provides your team a suite of tools to simplify the burden of managing your sub-merchants. Streamline your back-office operations by automating dispute management, centralizing reporting, and simplifying risk management all from one easy to use dashboard.