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Back-end Engineer, San Francisco

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Imagine you’re a gig economy worker delivering groceries or offering rides to pay an upcoming bill or cover rent. After a hard days work you need your money fast. Unfortunately, like many contractors, vendors and businesses, you have to wait days before you can access those funds because you're restricted by antiquated payment systems like paper checks or the Automated Clearing House (“ACH”). With Finix there's a better way.

By utilizing the card networks and debit card rails, Finix’s “push-to-card” platform authorizes real-time fund transfers removing friction that prevents people, businesses and governments from moving money to each other in an efficient, secure and seamless fashion.

With over three billion consumer card accounts available in over 200 global markets, Finix’s technology is driving “push-to-card” enablement across a number of use cases including, B2B payments, loan funds disbursements, gig economy payouts, insurance claims, health care, gaming, airline claim settlement, government disbursements, P2P, cross border remittance, payroll and many more.

Our goal is to flatten the world by developing a next generation payments and banking platform that enables real-time disbursements directly to existing debit cards anywhere, anytime. Powered by an API-driven architecture, Finix's processing platform manages the entire payment lifecycle of push-to-card disbursements by consolidating risk management, compliance, reporting and reconciliation into one managed solution.

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