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“Finix is a dynamic, growing organization that is on the bleeding edge of category creation in the payments sector. We are constantly evolving to meet the changing needs of our customers and colleagues. Our talent is diverse, innovative, and relentless in delivering a paramount customer experience. We are payments.”

Jessika Wood

Head of Client Services

“One of the moments that influenced my decision to come to Finix occurred during my interview. The hiring manager said my name, and later asked if he had pronounced it correctly. I told them that technically it wasn't right, but it wasn't a problem. He said, "here at Finix names matter," and pronounced my name correctly for the rest of the interview.”

Marianne Motus

Product Manager

“I've learned a lot about payments, building systems, and the growth you can achieve by surrounding yourself with talented people. Working with accomplished individuals has taught me that team comes before anything else. If you keep your teammates happy and earn trust by having their backs, the mechanisms needed for success are easier to implement”

Chris Aaron

Software Engineer


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